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Community Visitors Scheme (CVS)

ANFE Community Care's  Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) is a volunteer-driven scheme funded by the Australian Federal Government.


​CVS is aimed at enriching the quality of life of residents of
aged care homes who are at risk of isolation by connecting them
with members of their community.


Residents of aged care homes can sometimes feel lonely or socially isolated.
They may have few visits from family or friends, or have communication
or mobility difficulties. Often residents can benefit from someone who can
meet their cultural or linguistic needs

Friendly contact can help to reduce the risk of isolation, so ANFE Community Care
will match residents with a visitor who shares an interest, hobby or the same cultural background. ​

What do Community Visitors do?

A community visitor will regularly visit the resident they are matched with where they will pass the time by reading, chatting,
doing crosswords,reminiscing or listening to music.

If the resident is able they might take a walk or go on an outing

Having a visitor can help a person feel more valued and respected.

It increases their sense of well-being and strengthens their connection to the community.

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