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Ageing Well Initiative

ANFE Community Care's Ageing Well Initiative aims to support older persons from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds over the age of 50 by empowering them and supporting their capacity for ageing well.

With the support of the Office for Ageing Well (OFAW)ANFE Community Care aims to help community members:​​

  • know and understand their rights

  • Feel confident accessing services and supports 

  • Have a say in shaping their community

Through the provision of information sessions in the community, public information access
(via radio broadcasting) and one-on-one, interpersonal support the organisation will look to
meet the aims of the Ageing Well Initiative.

These outcomes will help to empower people over 50 from CALD backgrounds
to better shape their own journey of ageing well as well as as shaping the wider community.

The Office for Ageing Well works with and for older South Australians through the
Seniors Card Program, Retirement Villages Unit, Aged Care Assessment Program,
State Ageing Plan, access to Community Grants as well as by expanding its existing support
function for adult safeguarding through the work of the Adult Safeguarding Unit.

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