Volunteering with ANFE Community Care provides opportunities for individuals or groups to be part of a team of people who make a genuine difference in the community.

the dedicated acts of generosity by volunteers contribute to the increased sense of independence, purpose and self- worth of service users. 

Many of our programs depend on volunteers to help ensure that participants, carers and persons with disability receive services they need to allow them to live safely, independently and with dignity.

ANFE Community Care is committed to supporting volunteers by:

- Offering orientation and training opportunities 

- Providing support and supervision 

- Recognising their valuable work

ANFE Community Care Programs which require volunteer support

  • One-to-One Social Support
    Community Visitors Scheme

  • Day Care Program



If you are interested in joining the ANFE Community Care Red Team, our group of dedicated volunteers, please contacts us.


Telephone: 8234 5550
E-mail: volunteer@anfe.org.au

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