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What are they?
and how can you avoid them

What are Scammers and Scams?

Scammers are very sophisticated in attempting on getting access to your money and/or personal details. It is extremely important to be aware of the scams currently out there and not fall victim.

They are extremely successful in capturing people as they are so believable as if you are purchasing everything that is being presented to you. Scammers are constantly on the hunt looking at new ways to scam people and their biggest point of attack is through technology in this day and age.

Be wary of some documents you may receive in the mail, e.g., if you receive a letter from your bank, be sure to contact your bank and confirm with them that this is something they have sent to you especially if it involves you giving personal information or making a payment as documents could be forged.

Who do scammers target the most?

Scammers often target older people as they tend to have more money and accumulated wealth.

What are the common scams out there that are targeting older people?

Inheritance Scams -  click here  

Rebate Scams -  click here 

Unexpected Prize & Lottery Scams -   click here 

Dating & Romance -   click here 

Investment Scams -  click here 


Have you been/tried to be scammed?

It is highly encouraged for you to report your scam to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) via the report a scam webpage found here:

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