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Home Assist Program

How to keep yourself safe at home?

South Australian Police (SAPOL) offers a Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP),
funded by the Australian government  known as the Home Assist Program.
The Home Assist Program has been set up to improve resident home security and personal safety
of eligible South Australians. This program allows individuals to remain safe in their own homes.


Are you eligible to receive the Home Assist Program?


To be eligible for the Home Assist Program you must be of the following:

-    Over the age of 65 OR

-    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Over 50+

-    Under 65 living with a disability OR

-    Carer of people who meet the criteria

What does the Home Assist Program provide?


The Home Assist Program provides FREE Security Audits.

The Security Audit entails a Police officer coming to your house and conducting a free security assessment. 


What will you expect when once your house been assessed?


A report conducted by the police officer will outline any safety or security issues your property could be improved on.


If you are wanting to get those issues sorted contact details for the Home Assist representatives at your local council will be provided to you.


You may receive assistance from your local council to help you with your suggested findings. 


For more information about this program or to make a booking:


or call (08) 7322 3211

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