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To all our community at ANFE Community Care


Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) around the world and numbers of confirmed cases in South Australia, ANFE Community Care has implemented measures to ensure the health and safety of our community.


In line with Australian Government directives the organisation has ceased all non-essential group activities and gatherings. This means the organisation’s Day Care centres, exercise classes will not operate until it is safe to do so.


However, for the time being the organisation is still providing Individual Social Support and In-Home Respite services to those that are considered more vulnerable and at risk.


Access to the organisation’s Garden Maintenance service will still be offered whilst individual transport can be offered through access to cab charge vouchers for eligible clients.


For more information you can telephone us on 8234 5550 at our Head Office which will continue to operate and provide a point of contact for the community. Further updates will be provided as the situation progresses.


If you have any other questions/concerns in regards to the COVID-19 we advise you to contact the following:


ANFE Community Care’s Response

8th April 2020

6 Simple Steps Fact Sheets



Guidance on Isolation and coronavirus 



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